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Interview 4 Time Out Porto

hey guys,
While in Portugal,
we were interviewed for Time Out magazine
for their February 2012 issue.

here is the article 
as well as it´s english version .

post porn your world.

Have you seen the post-porn planet?

Luis Pedro de Castro is From Guimaraes. Peter Overman from Florida. They met in Barcelona, moved to Berlin and are making a book. They came by Oporto and Rodrigo Affreixo when to Vitória to enjoy a coffee with them.

In the more alternative LGBT scene in cities like Barcelona or Berlin there is a new aesthetic in progress, sort of underground. It´s called POST-PORN. a mix of everything, from punk,trance, psychedelic,bondage,SM, gothic... Artists/ activists present performances with hardcore content in venues with restricted access, to the audience who knows where they are going. Luis Pedro de Castro photographer, and Peter Overman, architect among other things, have worked around this. And are preparing a book that is coming out in spring and it already has a title: Peter & Pedro Postpone Procrastination !!!

Pedro, 30 years old, is from Guimaraes, studied marketing (here should read Design) and didn't like it, in Viana do Castelo (Portugal). He went to Barcelona to study photography. "And then my life changed when I read about post porn" he says " I was there for six years, and in the last five worked as a photo reporter of post porn events. It took me a year to know one of the Mecca of queer scene in Barcelona, the (bar) La Bata. In my work basically document the performances made by activists or gender allies" he describes. "I was surprised when I found them. The first time I sent them images they responded: ´we never had photos of any of our performances!´, then I became the (non) official photographer. I was able to take pictures because they knew they would get them. It was a mutual co-operation"

A year ago, Peter, 28 years old, architect from Florida, living in Chicago, had arrived recently to Barcelona for his master. In a gay social network, he discovered images of Pedro and was fascinated: "I was looking at his work and I thought. Uau! I really have to meet this person and see how he deals with all this situations, with all this experiences." His own work in the area of illustration and three dimentional graphic design was already intune with this. Then they met at La Bata, and remain together ever since.
Meanwhile, they started a book project. "we went to a web called Kickstarter (not quickstarter), in which people can make donations if they want to buy your project." says Pedro. We collected funding that aloud us to go to Berlin and stay there. We went for a month and now we live there."

with the pics:
Peter overman Develops work in architecture, illustration and graphic design

Luis Pedro de Castro Saturates his photography until it looks like painting. 

Left corner side note:
Unstoppable duo
Pedro and Peter are preparing cooperative book on the art of Post porn.

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