quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

Zombie portrait by Bruce Labruce

Here is a special delight.
The outstanding intelectual porn visionary
Mr. Bruce Labruce,
was here I Barcelona,
with a special presentation of his gay zombie movie
"Otto or up with dead people"
the venue was at Antigua Casa Haiku,
in the lovely neighbourhood of Gracia.

The show was amazing,
all the walls were filled with iconic images
of horny amputated men,
armed transexuals,
deep throat terrorists
and masked freaks.

Me and Nuno Vasconcelos went to get a drink,
and there was a huge line of people
trying to get close to a little room
at the end of the gallery.
So we tryed to understand what was happening,
but when we got to the entrance
Mr Labruce looked at us and said
"you can leave your clothes there"

Before we knew it
we were bare naked
sitting in a room with the colours of the catalan flag,
while three gorgeous zombies sat us down,
wrapped us up with artificial organs (I hope)
and Mr Labruce shouted


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