sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012

Boom Festival 2012

This year I was in Berlin 
when I felt the calling to
Boom Festival 2012

I managed to get a flight to Barcelona 
and meet up with the most adorable group 
and we were off on a journey through the desert of Spain 
till we reached the border of Portugal, 
into Idanha-a-Nova where the festival takes place.

First day I get there and because I wanted to be safe 
I gave my hard-drive with all my photos for the past 12 years
to a friend so she could hide it in her tent.
Of course it was stolen in a matter of hours !
I thought - "WTF man, this is not in the script !!!"
so I wrote a little notice (that you can read bellow)

Highlights of Boom:

Starting to talk to random strangers 
and when I showed them my illustrations,
they showed me their ALMOST IDENTICAL TATTOOS !!!

Being high on MDMA and LSD and 
watching the Moon set over the mountains,
and when it touched them the sun rose on the opposite side
and started shinning on the mountain while the moon was disappearing
and the sound of people around the festival clapping at the same time.

Freaks and lady freaks
here you have 

P.S- The hard-drive that was stollen 
Appeared the day after at the info stand !!!!

Thank you for being part of 
this amazing community Spell =)

Check out photos from 

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