terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Christopher Street Day Berlin

I'm used to the Barcelona Pride Parade
or, better putting it, both of them. Berlin is no different 

Yes, Berlin has a march that acts as a protest
against discrimination and in favor of LGBTQ rights, 
 a remembrance to the people who fought for our liberty of expression at Christopher Street.
Then it also has the party that sells gay rights 
has a capitalistic approach to the image of how gay people should behave
in terms of making them another target for consumer society.

Even though both of them defend liberty and expression, 
I think they are very opposite.

That's why some friends here in Berlin organized 
a protest that very cleverly infiltrated the mainstream CSD
 with signs that read:

"War in Afghanistan, Party in Berlin"
"Poverty is Sexy"
" Capitalize on Gay rights!"
"To poor to be gay"

 A Really fun afternoon with kinky divas
From goths, to slaves, from girly boys to fabulous freaks
From Anonymous (hackers) to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Queer Nuns)
here is

Gay Pride Berlin.
(or for the locals, Christopher Street Day)

 For pics of the Orgullo Barcelona 2010 go Here.
Or the 2011 edition go Here.

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