terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Dear Santa =)

Hi .
Some of you have asked me
what photo camera I use,
others asked why there is always a different
quality, detail, blurriness, etc,
in most of the different sets here in Neverneverland ?
And the awnser is quite simple.

I DON'T have one !

I've been asking my friends to lend me
their equipment, whenever I think
there is going to be something wicked for me to shoot.
Some of them have reflex, others compacts,
some digital, some analog...
I think that you don't need
a fantastic camera to make fabulous photography

So I thought about it and decided
to post this, in case Santa Claus is looking at some post porn
here in my blog. =)
( or actually if any of you are considering
upgrading to a new camera and they have the old one they can spare,
I could sure use it !)

Also I created a Paypal account
so all you Santas out there can donate and
show your love and support.

Happy holidays everyone HO HO HO...
...OOOHH and a special welcome to all you guys from
If you don't know the web you should definitely check it out.
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