sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Paulo and Pedro Revised

Here are some pics from about 6 years ago(2003),
with my ex boyfriend and his current BF.
People asked me the first time I posted this,
if it was difficult to detach myself from my relationship with him,
in order to get these photos.

Well, considering we were together for four years, I was 18 and he was nearly 40, him being my first kiss/love/fuck, I guess I felt so inlove with him that I only wanted him to be happy.
So that made things easier, as you can tell from the pics he was REALLY extatic...
Besides, I guess when your intimate with someone, as a photographer, you can capture something so private and personal, and share it with others, without it coming out as porn, and more accurately being described as a window into the beautifull sexual diversity that we all take part of...


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