segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

Healing Self Portrait

After my interview with
the young fab portuguese reporter
Ana Melro
about same sex marriage
some of you were concerned
about what exactly happend when I was bashed.

This was one of my most reluctant posts.
at the same time I feel
a certain need to exorcise some internal deamons,
without getting into much gore detail.

The year was 2005,
a night like many others
a club like many others
and me.

Best part of the night:

While I was dancing away in Guimaraes
(my hometown in Portugal)
I noticed a small stature lady
with a familiar face.
so I rushed up to her and said something like
"dont I know you from somewhere?"
and before she replied, I said
"of course, your that fabulous contemporary choreographer, Olga Roriz !!!"
and continued
"hey...I've always wondered, how do you manage to have
epileptic attacks ONLY when you go on stage ?"

Thank God she had a sense of humour
and we ended up laughing the whole night.

Worst part of the night:
the security guards from the club
asked me to go with them.
and before I understood what happend
I was assaulted and woke up at home
with broken teeth
and looking like this.

That's why in the interview
I say I have a lovely smile.

I might have only half of one of my front teeth
but hey, at least,
now when I laugh, I look like a vampire !!!


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