domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Olgazmick !!!

Hey bitches !
Proud to announce that this year
the Fresh Meat Produtions
Queer art center
is going to host
Fresh Meat in the Gallery VI: Defying Gravities

Featuring work by: Francesca Alaimo, Sid Branch, Bobby Cheung, Tristan Alex Crane, Nova Darkstar, Asher Hartman, Eva Hayward, Dorian Katz & Marlene Hoeber, Jackadandy, Zohar Weiman Kelman, Bo Luengsuraswat, Karen Massing, Aaron McElroy, John Miller, Emmett Ramstad, Rory Hejtmanek, Jen Rosenstein, Lex Non Scripta, Strangelfreak, Tuesday Smillie, Rae Strozzo, Gwendolyn Molly Madeline Sund, Adelaide Windsome and GB Woolf.

Did I mention that the exhibit
is in San Francisco, U.S.fuckin.A. !!!!
My american debut =)

They chose a pic I took in Berlin,
of one of my favourite
called OLGAZMICK !!
you can check out his
portfolio in

Hope that everyone who enjoys art
with a little bit of spice
can check it out.

Thank you for all the
support and wimsy comments

Bitches !!!! ;)

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