quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

Lost Boys...

when I was little, around six.
I remember one day going into my parents bedroom
and trying some of my mothers high heel pumps
then I started
putting on her earings
her necklaces
her perfume
and her make up...
(I look like the mix between a tranny and a hooker...
but I felt like a princess =))

I got out of the bedroom
and went to the kitchen
where she was
and said:

"Hey mommy look at me!"

her eyes opened wide
her face went pale.
she took me to the living room
sat me up on her lap and asked me:

"Luis Pedro,
would you prefer to be
a boy or a girl?"

I replied

Do I have to decide now ?!!!!"

This is a tribute to her excelent guidence
and acceptance.
Made with a little help from my friends
Mafalda and Joao.
and my sister Claudia on hair and make up.

Enjoy =)

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