quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

Shu Lea Cheang finale @ Hangar Barcelona

How can I put this ...
when I went to Hangar,
here in Barcelona
I knew the kids were up to something,
with a little help from
the multimedia mastermind
Shu Lea Cheang.

For over a month they explored,
colected, transformed, inserted, unraveled,
discovered, re-used, tasted, mutated
tons of disposed electronic and multimedia material.
Mix it with free use software, some cameras,
projections, and about 20 wiii remotes,
that interacted with the music (if you can call distorted noise music)

They decided to combine
tha official presentation of their performance
with the oppening of the other exhibitions
in Hangar, a place for art and creativity
located in Poble Nou,
one of the neighbourhoods here in Barcelona.

I was amazed to see that the HUGE warehouse
was so packed with curious croud of art loving freaks
that they had to ask the people to exit the building
otherwise the performers could't come in =)
with all the kerfuffle (insert Little Britain reference here)
I managed to sneak inside,
and after seing that Yasmin (waitress in Bata)
was in one of the corners of the room,
I asked her to go behind the devider so it would be easier to take photos.
she said "Of course ...."
so I jumped over to the other side
as she continued " But I doubt it's going to be any easier"
while she started wipping me with
a weird lantern-thingy with cables hanging out that ended in LED's !?!

If some of the pictures here seem blurred
it's because she was KIKING MY ASS !!!

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